Stack blast lets in the sun…

Controlled blast fells Florida’s last coal stack. Florida Power & Light imploded the towering chimney stack of its last coal-fired generating plant yesterday, a milestone in its transition to cleaner energy sources. The former coal-fired plant is scheduled to be replaced by a solar powered solution.

A celebration of the blaster’s art

Four and a half minutes of explosive awesomeness. Explosive demolition might account for only a small percentage of all the demolition that takes place around the world. But there is no denying that it’s the part of the sector the public finds most fascinating. Well, the secret to online success is giving the public what…Read moreRead more

Rugeley Cooling Towers Implosion LiveStream

The massive cooling towers of the former Rugeley Power Station are scheduled to be demolished via controlled explosion at 11.15 am on Sunday. DemolitionNews will be going live and – weather and technology permitting – will be broadcasting the implosion LIVE commencing at 11 am. Join us for this massive one-off event.

Video – If at first you don’t succeed…

Ohio stack falls at second time of asking. Demolition crews were forced to rethink the demolition of a 121 metre tall stack at the former Ohio Edison Generating Plant in Niles, Ohio when an estimated 38 kilogrammes failed to bring down the structure. After a quick rethink, the crew opted to hit the stack again,…Read moreRead more

DSR detonates…

Earlier today, DSR Demolition‘s Simon Ogden once again followed in the footsteps of his late father and brother Dominic to bring 2 brickwork chimneys safely to the ground at Saxon Works in Whittlesey. Despite high winds, the blast went ahead without a hitch, just shortly before 10am the 50-year-old chimneys were brought down in sequence,…Read moreRead more

An explosive combination

Alford Explosive Demolitions Limited has agreed a memorandum of understanding with Dykon Explosive Demolition Corp in the US. This new partnership celebrates a collaboration which has been informally in place for some time. With an extensive background in developing and testing innovative explosive tools, Alford Explosive Demolitions is the newest addition to the family of…Read moreRead more

Flyover felled

A controlled explosive demolition has brought down part of a flyover above the I-35 Northbound in Austin, Texas. The controlled blast was carried out under the direction of TXDOT. DemolitionNews understands that the demolition was carried out by the team at Dykon Explosive Demolition Corp. The company is expected to follow up with a further…Read moreRead more

EXCLUSIVE – Boiler house blast footage emerges

Cast your mind back to the 28th of April episode of The Break Fast Show and you might recall that we were the first to bring you news of a successful explosive demolition carried out at the Hazelwood Power Station in Australia. Well, we’re first again; only this time we have some superb film of…Read moreRead more

Alford fells Aussie boiler house…

Latest blast declared an “absolute success”. The former boiler house three at Hazelwood Power Station has been brought down in perfect conditions. ENGIE head of corporate affairs Ryan Auger described the demolition – carried out by Alford Demolition – as an “absolute success” after principal contractors Delta brought down the structure with explosives. Auger said…Read moreRead more

Redcar resonates to MGL blast

The relative peace of Redcar beach was broken temporarily yesterday by a series of loud bangs as the latest explosive demolition event took place at the former Teesworks steel facility. DemolitionNews understands that the demolition was carried out by MGL Demolition, which carried out a similar exercise back in March. On both occasions, the button…Read moreRead more