Sam’s story

This story is a work of fiction. Or is it? Like most children, Sam looks forward to the weekend. It’s not that he doesn’t like school; he does. But when Saturday rolls around, he generally gets to spend some time with his dad. They’ll walk the dog in the park, go fishing, maybe even go…Read moreRead more

All those memories

No Title No Description From the moment of its inception, a demolition company is locked in a battle for survival. Like a bait fish birthed into a pool of hungry sharks, some are eaten immediately while others are chased away. Those that survive then face a new battle: a battle for recognition and reputation; a…Read moreRead more

Progress? What progress…?

As a society, we like to believe that we are better and more enlightened than those that went before us. The facts tell a different, unpalatable story. Man’s inhumanity to his fellow man remains unchanged. We are still fighting wars over land, religion, and resources. Poor nutrition and hunger results in the death of more…Read moreRead more

Will we ever learn…?

When Carillion went into compulsory liquidation at the beginning of 2018, it did so with liabilities of almost £7 billion. It was the largest corporate failure ever dealt with by the Official Receiver, costing the taxpayer more than £150 million. That collapse led to around 3,000 redundancies in Carillion alone, and had a financial impact…Read moreRead more

What have you done for me lately…?

For more than 30 years, I have charted the rise and fall of the UK demolition industry. It is an industry that is constantly in motion and in a continuous state of change and flux. So rapid is that change that DemolitionNews evolved from updates once or twice a week to six and seven days…Read moreRead more

Don’t blame the undertaker

Have you ever been to a funeral during which it has been suggested that the undertaker was, in some way, responsible for the demise of the deceased? Of course you haven’t; such a preposterous notion would be out of place even in a particularly far-fetched Agatha Christie novel. And yet that is precisely the logic…Read moreRead more

The most dangerous phrase in the demolition business

“We’ve always done it that way”. Is there a more dangerous phrase in the demolition business? Is there a phrase that more accurately describes entrenched ideas and beliefs. Is there a single sentence that better sums up a refusal to move with the times; to adapt; and to overcome? First of all, the phrase is…Read moreRead more

Opinion – Still talking while under attack

Picture the scene. The cowboys have gathered on a wide open plain where they are vulnerable to attack from all sides. There was some initial discussion of wagon circling but that seemed like a lot of hard work, so now those wagons are just strewn about the place offering no protection. A large fire in…Read moreRead more

How times change…

83 years ago this week, the German Luftwaffe began its Blitzkreig on London. The UK capital was bombed systematically for 56 of the following 57 nights. In the air, the British response was swift with the Royal Air Force locked in a bloody battle to regain air superiority in the nation’s skies. With buildings destroyed,…Read moreRead more

Opinion – What a waste

I’d like you to imagine a young demolition or construction worker. They are green, and have no experience. I’d like you to imagine that person as a large but empty glass bowl (and if anyone has seen the new Oppenheimer movie, you will know precisely where I stole this metaphor). Every time that person attends…Read moreRead more