McGee forges ahead

McGee, one of 10 UK demolition contractors named in the Competition and Markets Authority bid-rigging investigation, has been appointed by Castleforge for deconstruction works at 1 Golden Lane, in the City of London.

McGee has developed an approach that allows the deconstruction and de-fabrication of the existing structural steelwork from the 1980s building, allowing it to be recertified, refabricated and reused in the new proposed structure.

This pioneering approach enables the proposed extension of the building to emit less carbon than other structural solutions and is an example of its approach to delivering innovative technical solutions for complex schemes.

At the Golden Lane site, the work will see half the original building from the 1890s being retained in its current form with the deconstruction works taking place alongside it. The proposed refabrication involves ribbon cutting the existing beams to increase the stiffness of the section, something which has never previously been done on a reused steel section.

McGee worked with the designers, industry bodies and Castleforge to demonstrate the viability of steelwork reuse in this scheme to reduce the carbon emissions and ensure the protection of the original building.

In addition, McGee will undertake structural demolition of some existing RC slabs, the roof and the façade of the building.

This complex scheme builds on similar work undertaken at Listed sites throughout London by McGee including at Admiralty Arch and Claridge’s Hotel.

Seb Fossey, Group Managing Director, said, “This is the first time that any project in the UK is targeting exact steelwork sections to be deconstructed, de-fabricated, recertified and refabricated for use in the redevelopment of the same site. It is our hope that by successfully delivering this scheme it will demonstrate that technical solutions around steelwork reuse are commercially viable for future schemes in The Capital.

I’m delighted that Castleforge has put their trust in the experience of our team to deliver this UK first. We are committed to enabling lower carbon solutions through our high value engineering solutions.”

Along with none fellow members of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors, McGee was individually fined £3.76 million for its part on a bid-rigging scandal investigated by the Competition and Markets Authority.