The Prodigal Son’s return

Former NFDC convention chairman returns to Federation main stage.

DemolitionNews can reveal exclusively that the Midlands and Welsh region of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors has selected former Federation convention chairman Patrick Williamson as its regional representative.

It is an unexpected yet wholly deserved return to the fold for a man who has dedicated more than 30 years to the Federation but who has been in the NFDC wilderness for several years.

His appointment will be widely welcomed by the majority in the NFDC who recognise that Williamson is more passionate about the Federation than just about anyone.

That appointment will likely ruffle the feathers of certain others; but it is just reward for an industry stalwart that has worked tirelessly behind the scenes for the best part of four decades.

It is worth remembering that Williamson almost died – literally – in his service of the Federation back in 2009.

In what feels like a long overdue shift of power, Williamson joins new NFDC President William Crooks and new 2nd vice president John Lynch on a Midlands-heavy Federation top table. The rise and rise of the Midlands is further reinforced by the fact that the current Institute of Demolition Engineers’ president – Richard Dolman – also hails from the region.

Everyone at Demolition News Towers offers Williamson a massive and heartfelt congratulations.