Rapid response averts Anglian fire…

Blaze on Stowmarket site thought to be arson.

Over the past 24 hours, we have received a number of copies of a photo showing a fire on a demolition site. Although the photo itself is less than clear, we have discovered that the fire involved a site operated by Anglian Demolition.

DemolitionNews contacted company managing director Lee Storer who takes up the story:

“…It was one of our sites at Stowmarket School. We had left site for the day at around 4.50pm and received a call from the Main Contractor at 5.15pm saying their was reports of smoke coming from an area away from the building and our equipment.

Our Project Manager returned to site at 5.30pm and met the Fire Service. It appeared that some stockpiled debris was alight – no works had been undertaken in the area and no hot works on any other part of the site. The fire was quickly extinguished – our excavator was used to aid the fire service by spreading it out to ensure it was extinguished and thoroughly soaked.

The fire officer has said that the cause was unknown but likely to be arson.

Interestingly, we had a site visit the day before by the HSE to inspect the licensed asbestos removal works, who gave us and the main contractor praise for how the site was generally run and particularly how effective the COVID procedures were.

We are obviously undertaking a thorough investigation, which includes downloading data from the cameras in our diggers.

Thankfully no one was injured and no property damaged and work was back to normal first thing this morning…”