Exclusive – Self-assembled success…

“Ikea-style” attachment goes to work.

Regular readers might recall that a month ago, almost to the day, we brought you details of what we described as an “Ikea-style” concrete pulveriser that had been proposed by Italian attachments company, Repalo. The company was offering the design for an attachment that a customer could then build themselves.

At the time, the concept was met with a huge amount of debate, most of it positive. In fact, in an Instagram poll of our 93,000+ followers, more than two-thirds hailed the idea as “the future”.

Well, the future is here. An Italian contractor based close to Repalo’s headquarters in Bari has built just such an attachment and the 2,200 kg pulveriser is now at work. In the exclusive video clip (below) you can see it in action for the first time: