Six in collusion probe…

Cartel busters’ decision imminent as spotlight turns on demolition sector.

Up to six demolition companies and their directors face some sleepless nights as the findings of an anti-collusion probe carried out by the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) draws to its denouement.

The CMA launched a probe into possible collusion in the supply of construction services in Britain in March. Since then, the body has conducted successful investigations into a variety of key parts of the construction industry supply chain. Fines and director bans have already been dished out in the fit-out and concrete pipe sector while at least one company allied to the groundworks arena has reportedly created a war chest fund should they too be caught up in the probe.

DemolitionNews reported previously that the spotlight had turned onto as many as seven companies within the demolition sector. DemolitionNews further understands that several companies have had laptop computers and mobile telephones seized as part of that investigation.

Industry news portal Construction Enquirer today reported that a decision from the CMA is expected by the end of the month.

It will be a worrying time for those companies and directors that find themselves under investigation. The CMA has established a high “hit-rate” in its investigation during the past six months or so, and has earned a reputation for handing down hefty fines to those companies that have been found guilty of failing to comply with strict anti-competition rules.