An eggcellent idea…

One more chance to help the families of the #Didcot4.

We have just about sold out of the #Didcot4 t-shirts, there’s just a small handful of the “A Site for Sore Eyes” books left for sale, and our dedicated JustGiving fundraising page has just exceeded its £2,000 target.

But with Easter just around the corner, a leading industry company (which has chosen to remain anonymous) has cooked up a chocolate-fuelled initiative to push our JustGiving charge even higher.

Between today and Thursday 24 March, anyone donating £5 or more to the JustGiving page will be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win the mother of all Easter eggs; the Ostrich Egg from Hotel Chocolat.

So set aside all concerns about heart health and dentistry and hit THIS LINK now for your chance to win an egg that is roughly the size of your head and which will make you insanely popular with your friends and family this Easter.