Past president inspiring the future…

John Woodward takes demolition’s message to the school masses.

It’s well over a year since former IDE president John Woodward handed over the chains of office to his successor Steve Jack. But Woodward’s passion for the industry remains undiminished; his commitment to securing its future unyielding.

Despite a busy work schedule up and down the country and beyond, Woodward recently volunteered to take part in the Government-backed “Inspiring Futures Scheme“; talking to school children about their career and future employment opportunities and encouraging them to consider demolition as a rewarding and exciting career path.

The Scheme encourages industry leaders to visit schools on a volunteer basis sharing their knowledge and expertise of their specialised field.

Woodward has completed three school visits so far as well as the UK Press Launch of the Primary Futures scheme which replicates Inspiring the Future in Primary Schools, and has another planned for 15 May.

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