CMA prolongs the agony

Anyone hoping that Santa might deliver a conclusion to the CMA investigation into the UK demolition industry is about to be bitterly disappointed.

The spectre of collusion that has haunted the demolition sector like the ghost of Christmas past for more than two and a half years will apparently not be exorcised until at least Mach next year.

The latest statement from the Competition and Markets Authority says the investigation is still looking into ant-competitive arrangements in the supply of construction services that may infringe Chapter 1 of the Competition Act of 1998.

According to the latest statement, information gathering began in March 2019 and ran until September of the same year. In October 2019, a decision was taken to proceed with the investigation.

In June 2020, the CMA said that it was still assessing evidence and would provide an update in December 2020.
That update pushed back the findings to February 2021.

At that time, a decision was taken to continue with the investigation and it was suggested that another update would be forthcoming in October 2021.

That never transpired. But the latest statement now says that the investigation remains ongoing and that the next update will not be until March next year.

DemolitionNews has been maintaining an online dossier charting the CMA investigation since it first began. We have now added details of the latest statement. You can read that and a full back catalogue of information on the CMA probe using this link