All hail the new President

William Crooks takes NFDC chains of office

Although the National Federation of Demolition Contractors annual general meeting is likely still in progress, Cawarden Demolition’s William Crooks has apparently been sworn in as the new NFDC President.

DemolitionNews understands that Newline’s John Lynch secured the backing of the membership to become 2nd vice president; while embattled former 2nd vice president Gary Bishop has become vice president, paving the way for a second shot at being an NFDC President.

Everyone at DemolitionNews wishes William Crooks every success in his two years as NFDC President.

Crooks has worked tirelessly for the Federation at both regional and national level for something like 15 years.   His chains of office are a just reward for his dedication and commitment to the cause.

Earlier this week, we reported that an anonymous letter calling for Bishop’s resignation had been circulating.   But it appears that, even though he apparently took on the 2nd vice president’s role in a caretaker capacity until a suitable replacement stepped forward, he is planning to take a second stab at being NFDC president when William Crooks tenure comes to an end in two years’ time.