Falcons stop gas holder demolition

Demolition halted by presence of protected birds.

The demolition of Reading’s last remaining gas tower has been delayed due to sightings of peregrine falcons.

The site at Alexander Turner Close in East Reading is due to be replaced with flats but work to take down the structure will be now be postponed so an ecologist can carry out a survey.   Gas Holder number 4 was due for dismantling on March 15.

But after peregrine falcons were spotted perching on the tower by residents the work will be postponed.

Local resident Leslee Barron says peregrine falcons are a protected species once they start laying their eggs.

She says: “They’re very important little birds, they’re birds of prey obviously. Once they start laying eggs, they’re a protected species and there’s only about 1,000 or 1,500 in the country.