Heading for the record books…

Safedem makes ready for record-breaking blast.

Abu Dhabi residents will witness a new world record this weekend as Scottish demolition company Safedem carries out the explosive demolition of the Meena Plaza complex.

Comprising 144 storeys across four towers, the complex stands at 165.032 metres making this a record breaking project for the tallest building demolished by explosives. The complex consists of three residential towers, and one designed as a hospital), constructed on top of a 9 storey podium. The tallest tower is 47 storeys; two are 33 storeys in height; and the final one is 27 storeys.

The entire complex is constructed in reinforced concrete (consisting columns and shear walls) with pre stressed floor slabs. The 246,500 square metre complex was constructed between 2008 and 2015 at a cost believed to be in excess of $400 million. But construction was abandoned in 2015 and the structures were never occupied.

Tower 1 (47 storeys) has been surveyed by Guinness World Records and confirmed as an official World Record attempt for the tallest concrete building demolished by explosives at 165.7 metres (543 feet)

Former World Demolition Award winner Safedem has been appointed specialist Explosives engineering contractor by Modon on behalf of DMT (Department of Municipalities and Transport)