Rallying the troops..

Maylarch’s Nick Williamson calls upon asbestos sector to unite.

Fresh from his guest appearance on the Demolition Daily LiveStream earlier this week, Maylarch chairman Nick Williamson has called upon the asbestos sector to assist the NHS and First Responders.

In a statement on LinkedIn, he says:

“…If you have experience of working in live Hospitals, please get in touch with your local NHS trust so they know you are available to help with creating Temporary Negative Pressure Treatment Areas for Patients with Covid19. This is to help protect all the staff working on Covid19 patients.

Having negative pressure areas increases the effectiveness of the medical teams RPE and PPE due to the filtered air changes.

This is what Maylarch and others have done so far that we know about.

We have added NPUs to the windows of Oxfords JR Hospital ICU turning it into a negative pressure area with 12 x air changes per hour. Also we have created 2 x decontamination areas for staff, all equipment is external to the ward.

We are putting in Negative pressure treatment areas for Covid19 patients in Banbury -Horton Hospital.

After discussing this with my Brother who is an Emergency Consultant at RUH Bath they are also building bays for intubating Covid19 patients. They are using their local asbestos removal contractors, Hawkins.

Power for NPUs will always be an issue unless anyone has any 240 volt versions?

Hospitals will be looking for solutions and each hospital will have different clinical requirements and constraints on which areas they may want to convert but with our experience of putting in temporary negative pressure areas we can help so please get in touch with your local NHS Trust and let them know you’re available to help…”