Magazine gets video…

The world’s largest demolition magazine just got a whole lot better!

Even though our Demolition magazine is far and away the largest and most widely-read demolition publication in the world, we are constantly seeking new ways to enhance the reader experience.
And oh boy have we ever enhanced things this time.

We have been working in the background to allow us to embed video within the electronic edition of the magazine and we are now finally ready to unleash this upon our unsuspecting readership.

Below is a list of feature articles from recent editions that we have upgraded with the addition of embedded video. Readers can easily spot when a page contains video as the page or an area of it flashes blue.

Obviously, not all the magazine content will be supported with video. But we are certainly hoping that contractors, manufacturers and advertisers start to take advantage of this new feature.

To see it in action, just try any of the links below:

Issue 31


Issue 32


Issue 33