It’s spooky time…

“Darkness falls across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand”.

Halloween is almost upon us. So it is time to resurrect the world’s first demolition ghost story – The Girl in the Green Coat.

Available 100% FREE in both ebook and audio versions, the book was orginally published this time last year and was very well received. But, as DemolitionNews has grown by more than 15% since then, there is likely a huge number of demolition men and women out there that have not experienced this eery tale.

And so we have summoned forth the book from beyond the grave (in other words, we raided the archives) to allow readers new and old to enjoy this spooky tale once again.

We are very proud of the ebook, particularly the cover artwork which only hints at the horrors within. But we are even more proud of the audio version which adds some additional chills to the story.

So grab yourself a copy of the book in the format of your choosing below. You can then read it or listen to it while trying to ignore the children playing trick or treat outside your house.

The Girl in the Green Coat – ebook
The Girl in the Green Coat – audio book