Bracing for blast…

Ironbridge residents ready themselves ahead of cooling tower implosion.

Residents of Ironbridge will have just 48 hours notice before the iconic Ironbridge cooling towers are imploded, it has been revealed.

Developer Harworth Group said it was hoping to avoid turning the demolition into an attraction, bringing in people from across the country, so that a 350-metre exclusion zone could be safely maintained.

But areas to view the towers coming down will be put in place a safe distance away for locals who would like to see the landmark moment.

Although no date has been selected, Harworth recommitted to trying to get the demolition done before the end of the year.

Iain Thomson, head of communications at Harworth, said: “Forty-eight hours is fairly typical based on what we’ve done elsewhere. Some people might say that’s not a lot of time, and I can understand that to a degree. We don’t want to create a huge free-for-all of people descending on Ironbridge. We have to protect the integrity of the 350-metre exclusion zone.”

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