Audio – Pilot episode of new show unleashed…

Demolition News Radio gets under the skin of the industry with brand new podcast.

One of our primary objectives when we set up DemolitionNews and the Demolition magazine was to be for the entire industry. Not just the biggest demolition firms, not just for the managing directors of those companies. But for everyone in the sector.

And this is something we’re looking to replicate with what we are hoping will become a new audio series that we’re currently calling InSite.

In these shows, we intend to feature individuals from across the industry spectrum. From the apprentice learning the trade, through the operative on site, to the site managers and company directors.

We have devised a series of about a dozen standard questions that we will ask each guest. Over time, we’d like to think that this will give us an insight into the industry – Hence the name of the show.

But before we go fully live, we wanted to produce a pilot episode, partly to test the way in which we intend to record the shows, but also to test the response of our listeners.

As a result, this new show has no fancy jingles, no advertising, and no sexy graphics. What it does have, however, is a conversation with a demolition man with a growing reputation around the Hampshire area and online through his various social media activities.

That demolition man is Chris Charlton of CJ Charlton Group. And this is InSite, part of the Demolition News Radio network.

If you’d like to be featured in a future episode, or if you know someone that would, then please drop us a line: