Three hurt in chemical leak…

Demolition workers exposed to toxic substance.

Three people are suffering serious medical symptoms related to a chemical exposure in Henrietta, New York on Monday morning.

While workers were doing demolition work on site, they were exposed to a dangerous chemical after hitting a pipe. The chemical to which the workers were exposed is methylenediphenyl diisocyanate (MDI). MDI is used to make more dense polyurethane foam insulation.

“There were 3 to 4 large tanks of this material,” said Mark Cholach, assistant fire chief with the Henrietta Fire District. “The tanks had been cleaned out. They were in the process demolishing those tanks and the associated pipes that ran from the tanks to the building. It appears during the demo of one of those pipes, the chemical came out and was exposed to the patients.”

Firefighters have subsequently identified the workers affected by Monday’s chemical exposure incident in Henrietta.

Andrew Cobin, 31, is in guarded condition at Strong Memorial Hospital. Firefighters say his condition is improving. Steve Fousse, 19, is also at Strong in guarded condition. Matthew Roberts, 45, was also taken to the hospital after Monday’s incident. He has since been discharged. Tim McCarty, 58, and Byron Lewis, 27, were treated at the scene.