Audio – Can we talk…?

Demolition News Radio unveils new training-focused podcast.

Regular readers might recall that, late last year, we announced that we were working towards the launch of a new audio podcast dedicated to the subject of demolition training; a field of endeavour that changes almost as quickly as the industry it serves.

Well, that new show is finally ready for you to hear. And we start at the very top with an exclusive two-part interview with Howard Button and Lesley Ransome at the National Demolition Training Group.

Now, like any trade body, the NDTG has come under criticism in the past, not least from me. So I was pleased – and a little surprised – that the NDTG not only agreed to take part in this show but that they were extremely transparent in the face of some pretty tough questions.

The full interview lasts for almost 30 minutes, which is a lot to digest in a single sitting. So we have split the interview into two shows of roughly 15 minutes each.

You can listen to the show by pressing the play button (below) or you can just search for Demolition News Radio on your preferred podcast platform.

We really hope you enjoy this first part and that you’ll check back soon for Part 2.