Video – What a difference 32 years makes…

By ‘eck – Time for a trip down t’memory lane with the incomparable Graham Wilson.

There are several key indicators that you’re getting old. Football players, policemen and shop assistants appearing ridiculously young; having to scroll down endlessly online to find the appropriate year of birth; and using what were once considered everyday expressions such as “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear” only to be met by looks of confusion and consternation by your children.

And we can add to that list when YouTube lists a video as “old time TV” and it features someone that you don’t just recognise but who you actually worked with.

Case in point, this trip down memory lane and a BBC TV show from 1987 called Demolition Man featuring one Graham Wilson of Demex. I got to know Graham many years after this was shot, of course. By then, he was a clog-wearing firebrand with rather more salt than pepper in both his beard and his hair. But he remained every bit as forthright and pure Yorkshire as he is in this remarkable film.