December deadline for deadly bridge…

Morandi bridge demolition to start in December; last one month.

90 days on from the disaster in which 43 people were killed, officials have announced a schedule for demolition and rebuilding of Genoa’s infamous Morandi bridge.

Genoa Mayor Marco Bucci announced that the long-awaited demolition of the remaining sections of the Morandi bridge will start on December 15, making way for a new overpass crossing the city.

“My plan foresees the start of the demolition work on December 15,” Bucci, who is also the commissioner for the construction of the new viaduct, told reporters.

The bridge is still a restricted area as investigations continue, but Bucci said “the work will start as soon as the sequestering of the site (by investigators) is lifted.”

The demolition of Genoa’s Morandi Bridge, which killed 43 people when it collapsed, will take just one month from start to finish, the region’s governor previously said.

It was initially hoped that the bridge could be demolished by the end of September. Investigators called for the urgent demolition of the bridge’s remains in August, warning that supports were weakening and at high risk of collapse.

Removal will begin with the west pillar, Bucci said, and construction of the new bridge will begin there as demolition continues on the east side.

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