The Girl in the Green Coat…

Introducing the world’s first demolition ghost story.

It’s Halloween, so what better day to unveil what we believe to be the world’s first demolition-related ghost story.

Available in both book and audio formats, The Girl in the Green Coat is written by DemolitionNews’ founder and editor Mark Anthony. It has been written with the assistance and input of Safedem’s William Sinclair who also inspired some (though not all) of the protagonist’s traits and methodologies.

“We were in the process of relocating the office so I had a few days offline while the broadband connection was installed,” says Mark Anthony. “I needed something to keep me occupied and with Halloween fast approaching, I decided to put pen to paper on a new short story that was scary but which also had a demolition twist to it.”

The Girl in the Green Coat can be downloaded FREE as a PDF here. Alternatively, you can listen to the 27 minute audio – complete with suitably eerie sound effects below or on iTunes, Google Play or Spotify.