Have your say…

Demolition News Radio is opening up the airwaves.

Unless you have been living in a cave these past 10 months or so, you will know by now that DemolitionNews has a dedicated demolition podcast that you can hear on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and a whole host of other audio outlets.

Despite being purely about demolition, that show has now amassed a following that has just topped 14,000 listeners. And it has done so even though it is just DemolitionNews founder Mark Anthony doing a twice-weekly monologue about something or other.

However, that is about to change. We are in discussion with several contributors that will hopefully help us to produce new shows on allied subjects such as scrap, safety and asbestos. But we also want you (yes, YOU) to be a part of the show too.

And so – although I may live to regret this – I am throwing open the Demolition News Radio airwaves and sharing my mobile telephone number to allow you to participate and contribute.

You can ask questions, rail against an aspect of the industry that you find frustrating, air your concerns and – if you’re that way inclined – you can even take us to task with something we have said or written.

If you have a question, statement or concern, just call Mark Anthony on Tel: (UK) 7973 465166 and leave us a voice message, ideally stating your name and (where appropriate) the name of your company. We will pick the best and the most thought-provoking responses to produce a special one-off show that MIGHT just become a regular feature.

So get dialling and make your voice heard. We look forward to hearing from you.