Comment – Silence is complicity…

Time to speak up and speak out against site accidents and deaths.

The latest episode of the Demolition News Radio podcast addresses a subject that is seemingly taboo, off-limits and forbidden. And that subject is site accidents and site deaths.

We live in an age of transparency, when every aspect of our business and personal lives is available to view and to share. Yet in the immediate aftermath of a site death, the industry has apparently agreed to clam-up and to take a vow of collective silence. But not any longer.

Site deaths are a scourge upon the sector. They are the industry’s greatest evil. And as the old saying goes, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

So I am calling upon all the good men and women in the global demolition industry to join me in condemning the cause of any demolition accident that has killed, maimed or injured in the past; and to condemn the cause of any demolition site accidents that might occur in the future.

The time has come to say it like it really is. Saying nothing is no longer an option. Silence is complicity.

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