NFDC Presidency thrown into turmoil…again

Caretaker presidency in question in wake of company acquisition.

The presidency of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors has been thrown into tumult and turmoil yet again with the news that Martin O’Donnell – caretaker president and president-elect – has asked the Federation’s National Council to consider his position.

His request follows the acquisition of his company KDC Contractors by waste management giant Veolia last week. As we reported at the time, this had the potential to place O’Donnell in the same position – not being employed by a current NFDC member company – that forced out his predecessor in the NFDC hot-seat, Paul Brown. It is thought that the nature of the Veolia acquisition might not impact upon O’Donnell’s position but it may still require ratification by the NFDC National Council.

It is the latest twist in a saga that can be traced back to November last year when moves were made to oust incumbent NFDC president Paul Brown. Brown fought off numerous attempts to force him out before he finally succumbed when his employment with NFDC member Lowery Demolition came to an end. Despite then being employed by another NFDC member – Total Reclaims – Paul Brown was not allowed to take up the reins again; and presidential responsibilities were handed to then vice-president Martin O’Donnell and second vice-president Holly Price.

DemolitionNews understands that Martin O’Donnell – demonstrating the dignity of a president-in-waiting – has asked the National Council to consider his position in the wake of the Veolia acquisition to avoid a repeat of the Paul Brown debacle. We further understand that O’Donnell is hopeful that he can retain his position as caretaker president before taking up the role of NFDC president in March next year.

The National Council of the NFDC is scheduled to meet later this month.