Audio – Loneliness of the demolition man…

Demolition News Radio looks at the issue of isolation when working away from home.

Under normal circumstances, I tend not to publish our audio content here. We figure that if you want to listen to a podcast, then chances are that you will do so through a dedicated app on your smartphone.

However, earlier today, we uploaded a new episode of Demolition News Radio entitled “The loneliness of the long-distance demolition man” and it has been met with such a HUGE amount of support and agreement that I thought that – in this instance – it merited wider distribution.

I’ll warn you now; it’s not a cheery episode. As the title suggests, it looks at the issue of loneliness and isolation among demolition men and women working away from their friends and families for protracted periods of time. Judging by the feedback the show has received already on LinkedIn and Facebook, it appears that this is an issue worthy of wider discussion.