Day of the long knives…

Conciliation short-lived as battle for NFDC supremacy rages behind the scenes.

It is just two days since the National Federation of Demolition Contractors’ Extraordinary General Meeting ended in compromise and conciliation. But, as predicted in our exclusive audio podcast, already the temporary ceasefire is under threat as the various warring factions attempt to gain the upper hand ahead of next week’s Annual General Meeting.

While he emerged from the EGM with the chains of office still around his neck, Paul Brown’s reign as NFDC President apparently still hangs in the balance, despite having agreed to certain compromises and restrictions.

DemolitionNews understands that John Lynch, regional chairman of the Federation’s Midlands & Welsh Region, is rallying support to ensure that Paul Brown remains in post for the remainder of his two-year presidency.

But DemolitionNews sources suggest that Lynch’s campaign has drawn the ire of the larger London & Southern Counties region, sparking a counter-campaign to forge ahead with a possible vote of no confidence in the incumbent President. DemolitionNews further understands that at least one London & Southern Counties regional representative has threatened to resign if Paul Brown continues as president.

The Annual General Meeting and the accompanying awards are generally seen as a high point in the NFDC calendar; an opportunity for members to get together in a convivial atmosphere.

This year’s AGM looks set to be anything but convivial; and it could just tip the balance of power within a Federation wracked by in-fighting and seemingly intent on tearing itself apart.