Misleading report attracts scrutiny..

Council report recommending demolition of 26 Dundee flats was “seriously misleading”.

Former housing convener Jimmy Black and West End Community Council leader Peter Menzies are calling for a rethink on plans to demolish a housing block to make way for affordable homes.

A report, submitted to the Neighbourhood Services committee in October, claimed that a majority of “residents” favoured demolition of the blocks at 219-245 Blackness Road.

However, a freedom of information request (FOI) has revealed that six private landlords who do not live there were counted as “residents”.

Private tenants’ views were not counted at all. Mr Black, who made the FOI request, said: “The report was simply wrong and gave the impression a large majority of the people who live in the blocks were happy to see them destroyed.

“Eight of the flats are privately rented, and we don’t know what those tenants thought because their views were not considered. The FOI response shows that eight of the flats are privately rented. That means private landlords will walk away from their problems with £640,000 of council tax payers’ money.”

Eight people voted in favour of refurbishing the flats and 14 in favour of demolition — but of those 14, six were private landlords and three were owner occupiers.

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