Comment – The pernicious problem of “value engineering”…

Grenfell Tower disaster highlights the issue of value engineering in demolition circles.

Over the past few weeks – and whilst wearing my Diggers and Dozers hat – I have posted a couple of “rant” style videos in which I bemoan one form of industry injustice or another (you can see them here if you’re that way inclined).

These have proved incredibly popular, particularly on Facebook where my pro-JCB rant has racked up almost 30,000 views and is still climbing.

Based on those figures, and since I have another bee in my journalistic bonnet, I thought it was about tie that we trialled this kind of film here on DemolitionNews.

And the target of my bile and vitriol is value engineering which – surely – is just a fancy term for the cost and corner cutting that is imposed upon demolition and construction companies before and even after they have bid successfully on a tender.

We hope you like this format and that this won’t be the last subject to fall under myy steely gaze: