A champion in the making…?

Who fancies a night of boxing in the greatest city in the world?

seanDownwell Demolition’s Matt Phillips is fit. The man runs marathons like an African and is – as the expression goes – as lean as a butcher’s dog.

But by comparison to his son Sean, Matt is a slouch and a layabout. Because Sean is about to make his professional boxing debut on the undercard of a world title fight featuring world class middleweight Billy Joe Saunders.

The event will take place at the Copper Box Arena in London on 8 July 2017. This is an ideal opportunity for the industry to get together to support a possible future champion; and to hang out with fellow demolition folk and aficionados of the noble art.

Tickets are available through Sean Phillips own website – Click here for details.

DemolitionNews is hoping to be there (assuming we can move a prior engagement) – We’d love to see you there to cheer on one of our own…in every sense of the word.