Video – A narrow squawk…

Demolition man cheats death by seagull.

Those of us that spend time on demolition sites will know that, while hazards are ever-present, most demolition sites are not out to kill anyone. That said, there is the constant threat of objects falling from height, asbestos lying in wait, large machines buzzing about the place, and a whole host of other factors that might just bring careers and lives to a premature and very final end.

But never have we heard tale of the common or garden seagull as some harbinger of death. Well. Not until this week anyway.

Demolition veteran Howard Stott this week had a narrow squeak (or should that be squawk) with the grim reaper when a seagull decided to end it all by flying through the window of a helicopter in which Stott was sat. The suicide gull knocked the helicopter’s controls out of the pilot’s hands, causing the craft to plummet 800 feet in a matter of seconds before Stott regained control.

Check out the astonishing video here.