Feds investigating spike in Detroit demolition costs…

Subpoena calls for details of $100 million spend.

At least two investigations into what caused Detroit demolition prices to skyrocket last year are still underway.

Detroit Auditor General Mark Lockridge said the Special Inspector for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (SIGTARP) submitted a subpoena Thursday requesting documentation from January 2014 to present related to the Detroit blight program.

The subpoena calls for records of more than $100 million received from the Department of Treasury’s Hardest Hit Fund.

The Detroit Free Press first reported on the federal subpoena Sunday.

The city has so far used the Hardest Hit money to demolish more than 7,700 abandoned homes deemed unsalvageable.

Erica Ward Gerson, the chair of the Board for the Detroit Land Bank Authority, said she welcomes any investigation into the demolition process.

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