Breaking News – Quarmby quits IDE Council…

Former president cites apathy as he resigns after almost 20 years’ service.

Dr Terry Quarmby, the former president of the Institute of Demolition Engineers, has resigned from the Institute’s Council of Management.

Quarmby was officially president from 2008 to 2010 (although he performed the role in 2007 when the late Ross Turner was side-lined by ill health) and was a key player in the IDE’s all-too-brief renaissance. Quarmby was a keen advocate of formal training and industry qualifications, sustainability and an end-of-life directive for buildings, as well as being a straight-talking, revered and widely respected industry veteran. At a time when the IDE has stated its ambition to achieve chartered status, the loss of Quarmby’s academic standing will be a significant loss, as will his passion and commitment.

Although he refused to be drawn for fear of causing unnecessary upset, Quarmby did say that his primary reason for quitting was apathy. He believes that some IDE council members are overly negative and slow to make decisions. He is also upset that the council refused to back his desire to produce a formal demolition guidance on sustainability based on extensive and industry-wide research.

“I haven’t been happy for a while,” Quarmby says. “And I don’t particularly agree with the views of some on the council who seem hell bent on taking us backwards rather than forwards.”