Demo Boys for the ladies…

Demo Boys merchandise is now available for the lady in your life.

You might recall that I recently shot a video of myself modeling a newly-arrived Demo Boys t-shirt. Well, that video got a lot of attention and we were swamped with messages such as: “Isn’t your office messy?”; “With a face like that, I’d stick to radio; and “try standing a little closer to the shaving razor next time, monkey-boy”.

However, by far the most commonly asked question was “is there a lady’s version?” Until now, the answer has been a resounding, emphatic and faintly sexist NO!

However, we have just heard word that the ladies can get their own version; and while the term Bird was popular in the UK around the time Benny Hill was kicked off our TV screens, we can’t help finding them more than a little fetching in a knowing, ironic and retro kind of way.

To secure a Demo Birds t-shirt for the lady in your life in time for Xmas, just click here. And while you’re there, order yourself a long sleeve Demo Boys t-shirt to keep out the cold when that lady makes you sleep in the garden till Boxing Day for referring to her as a bird!!