Can open, worms eveywhere…

The debate about the US’ apparent reluctance to high reach machines rages on…

What started out as a simple, almost rhetorical question has proved to be the most eagerly followed and contentious in Demolition News’ 12 month history.

Towards the end of last week, we innocently asked “why don’t Americans GET high reach demolition excavators”. There was an initial (and ongoing) flurry of comments here on Demolition News (click here to read the story and then hit the word comments in blue at the foot of the article to follow the trail of feedback) but, since then, the conversation has gone global.

First, the story turned up on the blog of Construction Equipment, the world’s largest construction equipment magazine. This was followed by another trail of comment and counter comment on the Heavy Equipment Forum, and then by yet more toing and froing on the Demolition Forum.

And the argument and debate is not over yet.

So please, if you have a spare few minutes and can offer feedback based upon your own company’s use of a high reach machine, please visit any of these discussion forums and share your thoughts.